Selfridge CommissaryCommissary

The Selfridge Commissary project was an Architectural and Refrigeration Upgrade performed for DeCA.  The project was performed in phases to allow the Commissary to remain in operation and serve the patrons while the renovation occurred. 

The interior finishes of the sales area and offices were completely refinished.  The ceilings received new acoustical tile and grid, new lighting was installed, the HVAC systems were replaced, the walls were repainted, revised d├ęcor was installed, and the existing flooring was replaced with new VCT. 

The entire product refrigeration system was replaced with newer, more energy efficient systems.  This refrigeration replacement involved all components including new display cases in the sales area, new unit coolers in the operations areas, and new racks, piping, and condensers to serve the new equipment.  Close coordination with the store director and government inspector allowed the project team to perform the construction project with minimal interruption of day to day activities to the commissary, as well as its patrons.  Detailed planning and scheduling helped minimize interruptions, as well as ensured that construction progressed with the allotted time line.  Heavy coordination was required when moving the product and shelving from each new area of work to the previously completed phase, which ensured that the store always maintained product for the patrons. 

The end product of the renovation was a store that the DeCA employees were proud to work for, and its patrons were proud to call their own and shop out of.